Graduate Program in Sociology




Program Profile: A unique program has been prepared which can guide sociology students in both theoretical and applied studies in interdisciplinary areas. The suggested program has been prepared taking into account the examples set by General Sociology and Methodology programs of universities that have a long history of offering  a master’s degree in Sociology, such as Middle East Technical University and Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. At the same time, elective lessons in interdisciplinary areas have been offered based on the formations of our departments’ academic staff.

If college graduates are to professionally work on arising social problems of globalization in a variety of areas such as gender and social studies, aging studies, disability studies, children and youth studies, poverty studies, sociology of the family, sociology of the crime etc., they need to acquire the necessary research and application skills. This can only be possible through a master’s degree. Within this program we aim to encourage the students to work on different fields based on their areas of interest.

An important priority of our academic staff is to conduct qualified social science research and to share this process with the graduate students. In order to achieve qualified research which can serve as a database in analysis of social problems in  changing Turkey, we believe that a rich graduate program consisting of various interdisciplinary theories and methodology in social research is necessary.  We also believe such a program would serve to increase the motivation for research in both the students and the faculty of Marmara University’s Department of Sociology who come from a variety of disciplines.


Employment Profiles of Graduates:  The aim of this program is to have its graduates work in public institutions, local government, national and international non-governmental institutions, European Union institutions, research companies and institutions, and as specialist in fields which require sociological knowledge, such as social services, public relations, human resources in both the private and public sectors.

Course List:

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