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Panel Announcement








Marmara University, Department of Sociology

Conference Hall, Faculty of Science and Letters




We are living in an age of enormous geographic mobility. All over the world people are moving for diverse reasons, bringing about significant economic, social and cultural changes in the host communities. Neither the causes, nor the experience and the impact of migration are gender-neutral, even though this fact has been widely ignored in migration research until recent years. A very significant aspect of migration research that requires gender-sensitive, interdisciplinary and intercultural approaches is the study of health outcomes of migration.


We are pleased to welcome you to our panel which is one of the events that will take place within the framework of the joint project “Migration, Gender and Health” carried out by the Sociology Departments of Kassel- and Marmara Universities.






     09:00-10:00: Registration

10:00-10:30: Opening

         10:30-12:00 Panel:  Migration, Health and Illness 

        Chair: Ayşe Durakbaşa

                                        S. Gülfer Ihlamur Öner: Turkey’s Migration Profile: Patterns, Policies and Research

                                      Sibel Sakarya: Public Health Issues in the Process of Migration

                Kaan Kora: Migration and Mental Health


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