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The discipline of sociology is a major branch of social sciences, akin to history, economics, anthropology, psychology and political science.  The aim of our department is to establish an interdisciplinary academic unit in accordance with the national and international standards of proficiency in the development and transmission of sociological knowledge in Turkey by use of knowledge and methods developed in sociology as well as in other major disciplines in the social sciences.

    Our department, established under this general purpose, has been operating in the educational area since 2001. The language of instruction is English. Students not equipped  with sufficient knowledge and use of English take the preparatory language class before they begin their under-graduate education.

    Our department aims to train the students with the ability of sociological thinking as individuals who are aware of domestic and worldwide issues and who aim to promote this awareness. We want them to be able to develop communications with the members of the society and be equipped with the ability to do research, interpretations and publications on social and professional issues, as well as, act as citizens with social sensitivity and responsibility.

    Our graduates are equipped with the qualifications and ability to acquire admittance to and academic success in graduate programmes in social, educational or administrative sciences whether in Turkey or abroad and to acquire positions in fields whereby basic knowledge of  social science and sociological perspective can be applied, such as education, research, planning, health and social services, management, mass communication, advertising, marketing, public relations.





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